Friday, November 18, 2011

*STORY-TALE * - The shy girl

This is a story that can either be real or fictional, but if you are reading this whoever you are, you never know maybe this is about you after all.......
Everyone in this world has there own special story to tell about,this is nothing extraordinary or special its just a remembrance story about someone who i have come across in my life.
"I'm very shy" she tells me on the first day that i meet her...i was lost i dint know what to say to her since i don't even know her name!!
we all introduced our self  by stating our name and interest or something or the other, that's what we always do, until this girl comes up to us, does not even say her name n very proudly says " I'm very shy".If you look at her and the way she said out the word you would think she is joking,she looked confident even when saying this.
We all blinked our eyes looked at each other and then her..hoping that,she would tell us her name-instead she looks right back at us- smiled confidently n when back to her seat! That to her was what introduction of one self meant.
We dint know whether she was joking around or serious-but looking at her we knew that she was definitely serious.That was so strange why would anyone say something like that as an introduction.When we all looked at her from a distance we agreed that maybe she did not really know the meaning of introducing herself, one of us decided to go and explain it to her thinking it as a way of enlightening her on the "introduction subject"
As one of my friend was explaining to her the details,she just kept looking at us with innocent eyes and she kept smiling politely at us-we all thought aha this poor little thing,maybe this is her first time,so we were very sympathetic towards her.
After all the explanation is done she looks at us and say tats all?? we were like yes,simple ain't it!! She smiled again- a very vibrant smile-looked at us with big puppy eyes and said:
"I know all what you told me and i know that we have to say all this, but you see if i had told u my name n every details, all of u would have not been so interested in knowing about me as you are right now!so there now you all know my name and i am sure you all will definitely remember me in the future also-and plus u will definitely remember me as the not so shy girl" she said.
we all stared at her , and in the end we could not help but laugh at our self, she was right up to this day, i can never forget her or her name- the not so shy girl who pretended to be shy, had an amazing tactic of making people remember her always!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

happy u!!

All i want is to be happy- that is what i use to think always...ah wont it be awesome if i can be happy everyday, instead of going through all the other useless emotions- like being sad, gloomy,angry,discouraged,and whatever emotions that comes to you, and make u feel like this world is unfair and you are not good enough to get what you see other people have.
so i wake up everyday praying to God to make this day a happy day-quite selfishly i have been doing that for sometime,at times it works out and at other times it does not.Then as i was chatting online with my friend,quite a coincidence i guess, she posted a picture that made me realise right away that i have been such an idiot to think that the way i can live life smoothly is by being happy always!
life is not fair most of us would complain..i would say that and hear many people around me quoting the same thing-but that's the best part about it not being fair..if it was fair always i would not even bother to realize the importance of the situations that i have been through in order to attain the satisfaction of being happy at that time.
It was better that life was unfair and threw all these kinds of problems at us...rather than life being fair and problems being thrown our directions depending on the kind of people we are..happiness is like a never ending process till we die..but at the same time its never the same..everytime it changes with the to unlock the different kinds of happy emoticons within us-we have to go through so many situations to be able to release that-anyways its a good thing that life is not fair...somehow i am happy now that life is not fair :P

Thursday, September 9, 2010


LOST...this word has so many meanings its beautiful how one word can describe so much..when i was a kid i remember i would used this word only when i lose something i really treasure. I would yell and say Mom my favourite toy is LOST! And mom would always come up with some brillaint answers or somehow like magic bring the lost thing back,and the lost thing is no more lost!

Now instead i would tell my friends,i feel lost! When i think about it, i become more intriqued, how can i be lost?? Im here and im doin what i have to do everyday,i have not suddenly dissappeared somewhere that i would not see my own image when i stand infront of the mirror, and yet i proclaim that im lost! I begin to comprehend how a simple word can give so much more meaning to how we feel. Its a complex human life,when we were kids the word hold a totally different meaning and as we grow older the word also seems to grow in its own way!

No one ever told me that one day this word would change its meaning to me along with so many other words and there meanings...u feel as though certain words grows with you and can somehow define you! When we were kids to be different was a scary feeling cause we dint wanna be left alone, at school or at home. But suddenly when we grow up we want to be different, to be the odd one out as we want a special place among the crowd. We want to be alone most of the times, we grow in our own ways and so does the meanings of the words we use in our life! Everything changes everyday, how beautiful life is that we can feel the change in us and we know that its happening everyday that we live and not just at our celebrated birthdays.
From the day we are born till the day we die some part of us will keep on changing,whether we realise it or not,it is inevitable,but the memories we reatin are forever more ours.